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ProductFlare is a B2B SaaS application serving over 2000 users and teams, helping developers and product manager plan, collaborate and execute their next best software release. I build the entire Bubble application, Chrome Extension and marketing website, bringing the product to market and acquiring customers. The product also found success on ProductHunt and ran a lifetime deal with AppSumo, garnering large company attention. 
This picture shows a ProductFlare ideaboard. Here the user can visualise their metrics for their account. 
This is a public ideaboard for submitting feature requests and gathering feedback. 

Project Brief

ProductFlare is a production-ready web app built in with custom billing, team systems, stunning design. The brand supported over 2000 teams who tried the product, and we built custom widgets and installables for users to add to their website. 

  • Subscription Billing Powered By Stripe
  • Installable Widgets
  • Team Invitation System

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