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Development Hours Packages

All of the hours packages can be bought as one off bundles of work, or you can subscribe on a monthly basis and save 10% on the prices below (minimum term 3 months). Unused hours on a monthly subscription package roll over to the next. 

Hours Packages Frequently Asked Questions

How many hours do I need?

This depends on your Bubble project! If it's just a quick app audit or bug fix, then an hour should be sufficient. But for new feature builds, re-designs or more hands on work you'll likely need at least 10 hours. Start a live chat for a quote based on what you need.

Can I buy more hours?

Sure! Just return to this page to buy more hours or contact us when you need more.

Can I get a refund for unused hours?

This depends on a case by case basis, if you buy too many for a small project then sure, we can refund you hours you bought unnecessarily! 

Do I need to pay VAT?

If you are UK based (either a company or sole trader) then you will need to pay UK VAT as we're legally obliged to charge it. If you are not based in the UK, then no VAT (sales tax) will apply. We use Stripe to calculate taxes so this will automatically be added when you click one of the buttons above and enter your address.

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