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Expert Bubble app development for established businesses & funded startups

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Hi, I'm Reece 👋 This is me.

I'm an expert in web and mobile app programming. 

With 7+ years experience in Bubble development, I have built everything from mobile apps to large software products in I also help you launch your app to your first customers. I've also built (and sold) my own tech startups and worked on large Enterprise software used by big names you've probably heard of.

Put simply, my growing team and I will help you by: 

  • Building you a beautiful web or mobile app

  • Support you getting on the app stores (if you want a mobile app)

  • Offer advice on marketing and go-to-market strategy

Drawing from years of experience in Bubble app design, development and business strategy, I can take your idea or startup from concept to design and launch in weeks not months, supporting you along every step of the way.

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Official Bubble Agency Partner

I have a team of the best designers and developers, dedicated to creating beautiful apps for our clients around the world. I love working on Bubble's platform to build your vision and specialise in designing apps that deliver results.

Whether you’re looking for a sleek new SaaS app, internal web portal or the next best consumer app, we harness Bubble's nocode platform to make it happen.

In fact, we use Bubble so much we decided to become an Agency Partner!

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Why work with me?

Good question! Take a look at why you should work with me below: 

  • 6+ years of building customer facing apps
  • Thousands of users have used my apps
  • Experience gaining customers + getting acquired
  • Unlike agencies, I won't just ditch you. I'll provide ongoing support and maintenance as you grow.
Karim Refaey

Founder, MemorialMark.

More Happy Client Testimonials

"Reece is truly a wonderful person and is not only helping you with building your app, but he also guides you through the entire application build process. I can recommend Reece."


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Jack Eversdijk

Founder, Jumpdesk.

"Reece was invaluable in the creation and launch of LiveHive. He brought extensive Bubble skills and experience to the team, and was able to deftly solve complex problems in the delivery of the platform. In addition to his coding skills, he also mentored and remotely managed a junior bubble developer on a day to day basis."


David Nicholson

Founder, LiveHive.

"I strongly recommend using CreatorConcepts as the service and output I received throughout the whole process was superb. Reece and team displayed expertise, professionalism and took the time and effort to fully understand my requirements and deliver a product that fitted and delivered 100%"


Duncan Lord

Founder, DL Bookkeeping

My Story

From a young age, I was always fascinated with apps and the 'Silicon Valley' culture. 

I always wanted to build a tech product, build companies and work with cool people. 

Over my career so far, I've worked in big tech, consulted for many startups and built some awesome SaaS products, but the biggest excitement for me is launching new things. 

By partnering with me, I'll help you build your startup then introduce you to launch partners, share advice and experience to help you on your journey. 

That to me is how I can build little bits of the future, one project at a time. That's why I do this. 

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Reece Lyons

Founder @ CreatorConcepts
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Frequently Asked Questions

Will you take care of design?

Of course, I can help with your app design and put together a full design spec as part of the scope! If you have a design already, I can implement that or improve it depending on what you want. 

Will my app be secure and handle payments?

Absolutely! I can implement all the correct and tailored security and privacy rules in Bubble required to keep your user data as secure as reasonably possible. Plus, I can set up PayPal or Stripe payments in your app to let you take payment securely from your customers without handling sensitive card information.  

What are your payment terms?

Generally, for small microprojects and feature builds I do a 50:50 payment split, with 50% upfront and 50% on completion of the project. For larger project builds over weeks or months, we'll do a deliverable based payment structure spread out after certain milestones are met. Not sure if that works for you? Just ask me, I'm pretty flexible to meet your budget needs.

Do you help with ongoing work?

Absolutely! My biggest selling point is that I don't just abandon you after your app is ready. I can offer ongoing maintenance packages, support, business strategy and even introduce you to launch partners who I've had success with, like AppSumo and StackSocial. 

Get in touch!

Interested in working together? I'd love to hear from you and get a call booked! Just use the calendar booker above and we can chat through your project.