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Recent Bubble App Projects


Take a look at some example app projects I've worked on and helped launch using This is only a very small selection of the projects I've worked on over my 7 year career building apps. If you'd like a specific example in your niche, please book a call with me and I can show you other examples.


Create Care

Create Care are a fantastic SaaS product that helps recipients of care and their families share documents, take care of legal and financial tasks and create goals for establishing care for their loved ones.



B2B SaaS platform that helps product managers track and log feedback for their customer base, including installable widgets and embeddable roadmaps. 



Social media scheduling software built for digital marketing agencies, with segmented calendars, direct connections to networks and helpful features.

Mobile App Development In Bubble


Latch helps users consolidate their files, accounts, contacts and beneficiaries into a single app that helps family members with admin after someone has passed away. We built the app for iOS and Android and provided support throughout the build.  

iOS App development

The Property App

The Property App are an exciting property investment company who help property investors find deals, calculate profitability and deal calculations like Buy2Let, Rent2Rent and more. We build a web app and mobile app and got them on the iOS and Android stores.


FrontRunner AV

Front Runner AV are an Australian audio/visual hiring company that rent out equipment to festivals and music shows. We built a fantastic custom store in Bubble with complex ordering and rental formulas with a custom API sync to their order management portal.

Digital menu app

Humble Grape

Humble Grape are a multi-venue group of wine experience bars across London. We worked with them to design and build a beautiful digital menu app linked to a QR code for each venue with relevant venue win prices. 

I've built & worked on amazing Bubble apps for companies like Agency Logo
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"Reece is truly a wonderful person and is not only helping you with building your app, but he also guides you through the entire application build process. I can recommend Reece."

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Jack Eversdijk

Founder, Jumpdesk.
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